Friday, March 21, 2008

Truth and Consequences of Ethanol

As in global warming, much of the press coverage for ethanol has been highly one-sided, and not much of the other side of the story is being told.

I've included Ethanol Fix as part of the Commodity Network in order to give a more thorough view of the subject, and look at the potential positive and negative effects of it upon the world.

It's not the answer to oil that its proponents have been evangelizing about, as enormous problems remain to be solved, if they can be solved at all. Honest people have readily admitted that, while for others who it has almost become a religious crusade, won't admit anything is wrong with it, and make one excuse after another when confronted with the problems ethanol offers and faces.

So we'll do our best to show it in the light it's really in, and keep the demogoguery hopefully to a minimum.

This is too important and costly to just let slip through our fingers without rigorous and honest research and input into the field.

To that end, welcome to Ethanol Fix, which so far in the real world, isn't a reality.

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