Thursday, May 1, 2008

Corn Farmers in Denial over Taking Responsibility for High Cost of Food

In an extremely pathetic assertion, the president of the National Corn Growers Association, Rick Tolman, said this about rising food prices: "bottom line, there's been a very clever marketing disinformation campaign directed at bio fuels for those with deep pockets."

Here's this organization representing huge, corporate farmers, who are subsidized by taxpayer dollars saying other companies with a lot of money are spreading disinformation.

All these big corporate farmers are fighting is losing the tax dollars they're getting to grow corn that is causing a lot of pain in the pocketbook of consumers who don't only pay for it with their taxes, but worse, through higher food prices.

Corn-based ethanol is a debacle that needs to be stopped now. The assertion that cellulosic ethanol is going to be the answer is also smoke in the wind. Not only is it years away in coming, if it ever does, but it's also far more expensive than corn-based ethanol is.

What was thought to be a slam dunk by politicians, subsidy-loving corporate farmers and environmentalists, is now becoming a destructive power against human beings. It simply needs to be stopped and dropped right now!

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