Thursday, December 11, 2008

Many Reasons to Drop the Ethanol Debacle

"New" ethanol to face crunch time under a Chu DOE

"Steven Chu, Obama's pick for the head of the Department of Energy, is a steadfast supporter of next-generation biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, expected to be made from the tough woody bits of crops like grasses and fast growing trees as well as plant and timber waste.

"But next-generation biofuels are no quick fix. They are more expensive than gasoline, a problem that was tricky when oil hit $147 a barrel over the summer, but even more difficult now as it trades under $50 a barrel."

Why the Ethanol Mandate is a Joke and a Crime

Shawn McCambridge, senior grains analyst for Prudential-Bache, said capacity could dip below the mandate because the economy will make politicians unwilling to enforce penalties or push for more ethanol at the expense of consumers.

NSW Farmers question lift in mandatory ethanol targets

The NSW Farmers’ Association supports the availability of ethanol blended petrol at service stations throughout NSW, but it believes that this should be determined by market forces, not Government intervention by mandating the percentage of ethanol in petrol.

The Real Future of Ethanol

A state fund that helps North Dakota ethanol plants is expected to run out of money this month.

Ethanol isn't the Answer

Going to ethanol was a great decision for the Brazilians – they got off of foreign oil and, as luck would have it, created a greener fuel which only became important recently. But that doesn’t mean that we can do the same. It’s good that we began to look at other countries to see what they do well, but we need to understand differences between countries, too. Here, we should have known that ethanol wasn’t right for us. If we want energy independence and a greener fuel, we need to look at what else America has to offer.

Ethanol the Killer

Governments worldwide are tempering their drive for biofuel use after a surge in production increased land clearance in Latin America and Asia and reduced food production in some regions. In July, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimated wheat and corn prices may rise as much as 7 percent in the next decade because of greater U.S. and European production of alternative fuels.

Ethanol is Worst Biofuel Option

Ethanol-based biofuels will irreversibly damage human health, wildlife, water supply and land use than current fossil fuels ... warns an expert.

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