Saturday, January 10, 2009

Government's Ethanol Policy Costing another 75 Jobs: Butterball Laying Off 75 Workers

The horrendous, artificial ethanol industry continues to devastate other American industry, as Butterball announced it would be laying off another 75 workers, this time in Carthage, Missouri.

Last year the company had to lay off another 490 workers in Longmont, Colorado, citing the surging corn prices caused by corn-based ethanol subsidies from the U.S. government.

CEO Keith Shoemaker says this time around the problem continues to be the terrible government-sponsored ethanol policies which have artificially inflated the price of corn.

Many other animal-based businesses are experiencing the same disaster, as feed prices continue to rise.

Ethanol Fix continues to call upon the government to stop this atrocity and rescind the failed law and plan.

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