Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Clueless Ethanol Supporter

Of all the ethanol articles I've read, this one is probably the most ignorant I've ever seen.

For example, this silly, misguided elitist person talks down to people in Tennessee, saying they need more ethanol education there because gas station owners were marketing gas that had no ethanol in it.

She asks this meaningless question: "So how does a fuel like ethanol remain a fuel choice for more than 100 years if it is so harmful? If that were the case, than how has oil remained a fuel choice for more than 100 years?"

The 100 year nonsense is a reference to her saying Model T's from long ago used ethanol in them. I wonder how many operating Model T's survived that disastrous practice.

Also pointed out is the assertion E15 is the most tested fuel in American history. So what? Those very tests have found that E15 does do damage to many cars. Testing it is irrelevant. The results of those test are what count, and E15 is a disaster by any metric.

Even E10 is a disaster, as it has done enormous damage to all sorts of machinery using small engines; including lawn mowers, chainsaws, and even snowmobiles, among many others.

She makes it sound like people want ethanol in their cars and other machinery. It's not true whatsoever. Americans are forced to use ethanol by law, and if it was taken out of the market tomorrow, only a few goofy, radical environmentalists would care.


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